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Fast Award

FastAward is a must for any webmaster who gives out their own award! This program completely automates the task. It not only takes applications, but will weed out duplicates and has the option of e-mailing you to alert you of new applications. It also simplifies the task of awarding your award - press a button to delete the site, or to send off a standard E-mail proclaiming them the proud winner of your award. Not only that, but it keeps a fantastic log of everyone you've given your award out to complete with it's own search engine! What more can you ask for?

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Compliments is a simple engine/form that will tell a webmaster that someone (who supplies their E-mail address) likes their website. No lengthy question forms, just one line of user input. This will optionally send an E-mail to the webmaster or add the user's address to a HTML or Log file which the webmaster can either hide or show publicly.

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